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A Twitter Tasting of the Jura Range of Whiskies #JuraTT

T’was a dark and stormy night. The four weathered travellers had gathered from across the globe in the dimly lit inn and were nursing their drams as a demonic wind howled outside, rattling the inn’s shutters and the very souls of those inside. The bawdy conversation turned to that of a distillery located on a magical isle… “What?!? You haven’t tasted the Jura range of whiskies yet?” exclaimed Tom in disbelief. The hiss of drawn in breaths around the table was reminiscent of swords being drawn from their scabbards – a scene all too familiar at this dive. “No, apart from a stolen sip of the Jura 10 I have not explored the range. They’re hard to come by in my part of the world” I answered. The other two in our party gave each other a look full of intrigue – the seeds of an idea planted. And that’s how the Jura Twitter Tasting (#JuraTT) organised by Steve of The Whisky Wire and Rob Bruce (representing Isle of Jura whisky) came into being, albeit via late night discussion on the internet and not in a dingy inn a couple of centuries earlier.

People often scratch the heads bemusedly when I tell them of Twitter tastings – unable to fathom how one can hold a whisky tasting with folks scattered to the four corners of our blue planet, huddled behind a screen with a whisky cradled in one hand and the keyboard in the other. Quite simple, I say. Especially when the host is as professional as Steve is.

The Whisky Wire presents #JuraTT

Steps to participating successfully in a Twitter whisky tasting presented by The Whisky Wire:

  • Respond to Steve’s call to register your interest in participating (make sure you’re available at the allotted time slot)
  • Be one of the lucky few selected (I’m sure poor Steve has a hard time deciding who gets in and who doesn’t)
  • Fist-pump the air a couple of times, expressing your satisfaction at being included
  • Anxiously await delivery of the whisky samples
  • Bemoan the tardiness of your postal service / Be pleasantly surprised at their efficiency
  • Post a photo of the samples now in your possession, driving up the anxiety of those who haven’t received theirs yet
  • While away the days until the tasting is due to start by reading up a bit on the distillery and it’s whiskies, commiserate with those that didn’t make the cut and swap high-fives with those that did
  • Try set up an hour before the event – get your glasses, samples and water jug lined up, loosen up those fingers for the frenetic typing ahead and practise moving your eyeballs independently like a chameleon so you can follow everyone’s comments, while writing your own
  • Await the “Ready, steady, go!” from Steve and then dive in, following his lead as he walks you through the whiskies
  • Most importantly, have fun and interact with your fellow tasters
  • At the end, be courteous and thank your host and any distillery representatives that took part and reluctantly rejoin the world
  • Bonus step: Leave your glasses unwashed and revisit them in the morning and enjoy the new wave of smells that greet you

#JuraTT - Jura Twitter Tasting

This tasting was all about Jura and we were fortunate enough to experience the Jura 10, Jura Superstition, Jura 16, Jura 21 and Jura Prophecy. I usually list my favourite tweets from the Twitter tasting but a few of my whisky friends who took part have already done all the hard work so here are the links to their posts instead:

Three drams stood out for me at the #JuraTT:

  • Isle of Jura 16 Year Old Diurach’s Own – a lovely whisky with a gentle, sweet disposition
  • Isle of Jura 21 Year Old 200th Anniversary Edition – we have a winner folks! Oozes sophistication with layer upon layer of complexity. One to sit and savour
  • Isle of Jura Prophecy – wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am! Earthy peat and sweet, smoky barbeque sauce. A fun dram

I summed it all up in this tweet:

@fr1day: Jura 21 – a zen master of a dram. Jura Prophecy – rock & roll star. Jura 16 – elegance in a bottle. I want them all @jura_whisky #JuraTT

A big thanks, as always, to Steve for organising another successful Twitter tasting, and to Rob for making sure we got to taste the Jura range. I look forward to the next one.


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