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At the Whisky Tasting Fellowship we sure do love drinking, sharing and talking about whisky. We also like gadgets too. So much so in fact that we’re bringing the two together!

If you are an Android device user (mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4 and the like), you’re bound to know about NoLED. It’s a fantastic app that delivers notifications to your device’s screen whilst it’s still locked, enabling you to see if you have missed calls / SMSes / emails / Twitter notifications and more. The app also supports custom icons, which is where we come in.

Ever fancy seeing your favourite whisky brand dance around your screen in a multitude of different colours? (C’mon, who hasn’t?! ;)) Well, your prayers have been answered with the following sets of custom whisky themes for NoLED that we’ve gone ahead and created:

Download your free whisky themes for NoLED

anCnoc (Generic) – Download here

anCnoc (Generic) NoLED Custom Theme

anCnoc Peter Arkle – Download here

anCnoc Peter Arkle NoLED Custom Theme

Ardbeg (Generic) – Download here

Ardbeg (Generic) NoLED Custom Theme

Highland Park (Generic) – Download here

Highland Park (Generic) NoLED Custom Theme

Highland Park – Download here

Highland Park NoLED Custom Theme

There are only these 5 sets for now, but if you have any ideas of whisky logos and brands that would make for a cool new theme, drop me a mail at and let me know.

(NB: The logos and trademarks belong wholly to their respective owners. This is a done-for-the-love-of-it project.)

How to install custom NoLED themes on your Android

  1. 1. Download the files using your phone’s web browser (I use Dolphin myself), taking note of where the file has been saved to.
  2. 2. Usually a file is downloaded to /mnt/sdcard/download – this is the default Download Download folder on your sdcard.
  3. 3. Once downloaded, we use NoLED’s built-in functionality to install our custom theme
  4. 4. Navigate to: NoLED Settings ? Themes ? Install themes…
  5. 5. Now using the file explorer, find the file that you just downloaded and click on it and NoLED will auto-magically extract the theme to this location: /sdcard/NoLED/themes/
  6. 6. Next click on Select a theme and choose your newly-installed whisky-related theme
  7. 7. You can then click on Test to see the theme in all it’s awesomeness! Remember: you can change the colours of the icons by drilling into the Notification’s Settings section in NoLED
  8. 8. That’s it! You should now be the proud owner of a whisky theme that’ll turn your friends and colleagues green with envy. πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoy these themes.

SlΓ inte!

Last modified: August 28, 2013 by Mark

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