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I Kissed a 48 Year Old (Japanese Whisky) and I Liked It

Unboxing Karuizawa 1964

I knew I wanted her the very first time I laid my eyes on her. She was the heart of the room, encircled by a throng of men, chests puffed up, vying for her attention. A decade older than me, but the divide just made her that much more desirable. Elegant as a swan, with a smouldering sensuality that belied her innocence. One could hardly believe that she had been lying cloistered away from the world for nearly half a century.

The mad throng surrounding her carried her away from me, I thought that my opportunity had passed. But on the odd occasion life and fate conspire together and present us with those rare opportunities which some call destiny. My beauty and I were to cross paths again.

Karuizawa 1964 - Awaiting Tasting

Knowing that this was to be the only time that I would be with her, I soaked in every detail of her as she came closer to me. Her warm treacle color enchanting me with promises of pleasures yet to come. Drawing her into my embrace her heady scent intoxicated me. A goddess of the forest – pine trees offering up their sap for her, laced with a melange of ripe yellow fruits and sweet menthol.

Her eyes locked onto mine, the world faded away as our lips met. Initially hot and tempestuous, the powerful – yet restrained – presence of wood and smoke gives way to a burst of tangerines, oranges and apricots spiced with cloves and soaked in treacle. A glorious waxiness rolls over my tongue. Tempering the fire with a dash of water elevates the fruits, transporting us out of the forest and into an orchard. A sweet and sour union leads us out: a marriage of bitter chocolate, fruit compote and wood spice caresses my throat on its way down. Triumphant!

In that moment, galaxies were spawned and civilizations crumbled, but we were aware of neither, such was our union. With a sense of longing and loss I surfaced into the world again only to find her gone forever…

Tasting the Famed Karuizawa 1964 48 Year-Old Japanese Whisky

As I write this I’m leaning back in my chair with fingers interlaced behind my head as I gaze out of the window, wistfully remembering my brief affair with the Karuizawa 1964 48 year old. A real lady. A memorable encounter.

As echoed by some of the other bloggers who, like me, were fortunate enough to taste this old Japanese whisky, I wondered how to approach this review. In the end I decided to have a bit of fun with it and try a writing style that would stretch me, as the Karuizawa did. Hopefully I managed to catch the essence of the whisky in my story above. I’ll let you – the reader – be the judge of whether I succeeded or not.

To those who made this experience possible I would like to extend my thanks. Marcin Miller for having the foresight and vision to secure and release the remaining Karuizawa stock. Wealth Solutions for pressing the Number One Drinks Company to part with one of their oldest casks. Master of Malt for including me in their distribution list consisting of world class whisky writers and bloggers whom I look up to. Thanks one and all.


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