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Whisky Superhero’s Secret Identity Uncovered!

I often wondered how Superman could pass himself off as Clark Kent. A pair of dorky glasses and a mild manner hardly seemed like an adequate disguise for the man from Krypton. And yet, the folks in Metropolis and the Daily Planet couldn’t put two and two together.

Clark Kent IS Superman!

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Then I had a revelation! It turns out Superman’s dual identity is in fact plausible, given how wrapped up we are in our own lives if is feasible that we wouldn’t notice that the guy we talk to at the watercooler is the same one that is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

In fact, I reckon I’ve uncovered a superhero’s secret identity right here in the whisky industry!

I couldn’t be sure though, so I set about researching my Superman/secret identity facts meticulously:

  1. 1. One of them wears glasses, the other doesn’t. CHECK
  2. 2. You never see the two of them in the same place, at the same time. CHECK
  3. 3. One wears a suit, the other dashes about wearing their undies on the outside. UNCONFIRMED
  4. 4. Well, that’s about as far as my investigation went, then I got bored πŸ˜›

What I found quite crafty about this superhero is that his secret identity doesn’t work in the same city. Actually, not even on the same continent! But he slipped up by taking a cover job in the same industry that he champions. Tut, tut. A rookie mistake.

Without further ado… the reveal!!

Chip Tate, Head Distiller at Balcones

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Sam Simmons, Global Brand Ambassador at Balvenie

Sam Simmons, Global Brand Ambassador at Balvenie

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Nice try Chip and Sam, but we’re onto you now…

The question remains though, which one is the superhero?


[If you hadn’t quite realised it yet, this is a light-hearted piece written in jest. No persons (or whiskies!) were harmed in the writing of this post.]

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  1. March 25, 2013    

    Chip is the super hero, of course!

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