Anticipating the 2011 FNB Whisky Live Festival

Last year I experienced my first Whisky Live Festival in Johannesburg, and was blown away. As a first-timer, I found the sheer number of whiskies, stands and attendees astounding. Here were thousands of fellow whisky lovers, rubbing shoulders and engaging in our favourite pastime – discovering and drinking whisky with friends. Want to find out more about the 2012 FNB Whisky Live Festival? Read these... read more

The day I fell in love with whisky

Whisky – a paint-stripping liquor drunk by crazy Scots and old timers sitting at the end of the bar. A seemingly endless procession of bottles of Chivas Regal and Dimple Haig given to my old man at the end of each year. That’s the impression of whisky I carried growing up, and one that remained until the end of 2009. That is, until a good friend took the time to introduce me to whisky... read more