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Grant’s Whisky Twitter Tasting

A few night’s ago I was fortunate enough to take part in a Twitter tasting – an online tasting of whiskies, where the participants share their thoughts and notes about the whiskies being tasted. Steve Rush, of The Whisky Wire fame, co-ordinated the #GrantsTT event and Grant’s Whisky provided the samples. As an added bonus, Ludo Ducrocq, global brand ambassador of Grant’s Whisky took part in the evening’s proceedings too.

Grant's Twitter tasting whisky line-up

After staring at the samples for at least a week we were finally going to taste them! The whisky line-up for the night included Grant’s Ale Cask Finish, Grant’s 12 Year Old, Grant’s 18 Year Old and Grant’s 25 Year Old. To date, the only expression of Grant’s whisky available in South Africa is the Family Reserve, so having an opportunity to try nearly all the expressions in the Grant’s range was not lost on me. I have tasted the Ale Cask whisky before, as well as the Sherry Cask Finish and was really looking forward to seeing how the 12, 18 and 25 year old blends would fare.

Grant's whisky and Twitter

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite tasting notes from the evening per whisky. If you click on the person’s name you will be taken straight to their Twitter account – start following them today!

Grant's Twitter tasting drams poured

Grant’s Ale Cask Finish Whisky

Grant's Ale Cask whisky @S_Rob: Hmmm, interesting nose. Quite fresh and herbal at first: dill, tarragon perhaps and then some slightly vegetal background aromas. #GrantsTT
@Grantswhisky: I love it; it’s fruity, floral, elegant and extremely well balanced. #GrantsTT
@whiskywardrobe: Honey, citrus zest, malt, raisins. Really interesting. #GrantsTT
@WhiskyBrother: Grants blended Scotch Ale cask finish, 40%. Nose very fruity, quite light, lovely honey and slightly tart malty note. #GrantsTT
@Grantswhisky: The Ale cask is the only Scotch whisky to be finished in barrels that have previously held ale. A favourite of mine #GrantsTT
@WhiskyBrother: Ale: Palette soft as well, surprisingly light and delicate. A gentle cereal spice after a few moments. Not as sweet as expected. #GrantsTT
@TheWhiskyWire: Honey fudged hopps with a hint of boiled and buttered spring greens #GrantsTT
@Grantswhisky: It’s our only blend, which doesn’t include peaty whiskies #GrantsTT #Alecask

Grant’s 12 Year Old Whisky

Grant's 12 year old whisky @Grantswhisky: Sweet & rich – vanilla, bonfire, honey & oak. Are you getting anything else? #GrantsTT
@Grantswhisky: This 12yo blend is a mix of single grain & single malt whiskies, matured in oak casks for at least 12 years #GrantsTT
@Whiskyblogg: Nose on the 12 year old: Hay stack, tobacco leafs and crushed stone. Sweet honey and traces of coffee. #GrantsTT
@GJR71: #GrantsTT 12yo nose much darker/full, nice hint of a sweeter type of peat/smoke, orangemarmelade, honeycombs, somewhat grapes
@TheScotsdreamer: #grantsTT #12yo getting dried fruits and charred driftwood on the those, more of a kick than the #AleCask
@S_Rob: Delivery mirrors the nose well, sweet and malty upfront and with enough richness. Some nice almond notes at the back. #GrantsTT
@TIA568B: #GrantsTT on the 12 Year Old palate: smokey, a hint of peat, sweet, spicy, vanilla, tannin, coffee, orange rind
@Grantswhisky: After 12 yrs it is finished in first-fill American whiskey casks, making it richer, sweeter and more syrupy #12yo #GrantsTT

Grant’s 18 Year Old Whisky

Grant's 18 year old whisky @Grantswhisky: Rich & full-bodied, leather, nuts, vanilla & dried fruits might be coming through #GrantsTT
@S_Rob: The extra years are evident; coffee beans, apricot jam, cherry plums on dense honey #GrantsTT
@rodbodtoo: @Grantswhisky 18yo nose sweeter than previous two – like the soft icing off fruit cake, with the promise of cake itself to follow #GrantsTT
@whiskywardrobe: Lovely honey! Vanilla! floral with red fruits and some traces of peat and wood. I really like this one. #GrantsTT
@TheWhiskyWire: Port soaked dried fruits, salted poached pears & the seductive swirling sensations of vanilla, mace, cinnamon & pimento. #GrantsTT
@Grantswhisky: The 18 year old is matured in oak casks for 18 years and then finished in port casks. #GrantsTT
@GJR71: #GrantsTT 18yo taste Fruity and winey, light hint of smoke, a little bit salt, dark chocolate, will do excellent with cheeses

Grant’s 25 Year Old Whisky

Grant's 25 year old whisky @Grantswhisky: It has a very mature nose with tobacco, peaches and honey and some sherry influence. #GrantsTT #25yo
@rodbodtoo: @Grantswhisky #25yo smells very classy – sunshine on mahogany, dark chocolate, green apples (fresh!), furniture wax #GrantsTT
@Grantswhisky: It includes whiskies from the 1st batch ever distilled at Girvan in 1963 #GrantsTT #25yo
@TIA568B: #GrantsTT 25 Year Old Nose: deep, woody, dry, oak, spicy, pine needles… Hope it tastes as good as it smells!
@Grantswhisky: This blend also contains whisky from closed distilleries such as Ladyburn #GrantsTT #25yo
@whiskywardrobe: Oh my god! What great taste.honey runs into candies and appears dates and some cocoa. Superb! #GrantsTT
@galg: 25 palate is a wonderful avalanche of golden sherry, and exotic chocolate. interplay at it’s best.
@rodbodtoo: @Grantswhisky #25yo. Oh man that is a good dram! So well balanced & elegant. cinnamon baked apples cooked in a cedar fired oven #GrantsTT
@WhiskyBrother: #25yo light roast coffee, perhaps even the remains of a hot chocolate. A grain sweetness. Lovely oloroso notes. Juicy stuff! #GrantsTT

My favourites of the night were the 18 and 25 year olds. The Grant’s 18 makes an excellent after-dinner whisky and the Grant;s 25 I would haul out on special occasions to show just how wonderful blends can be.

The Twitter tasting took around 2 hours to complete, and in excess of 500 Tweets flew back and forth between the whisky loving participants conversation – that’s roughly 4 Tweets a minute, for 120 minutes, all revolving around 4 whiskies! The comments flew thick and fast and it was fun going back to a whisky and picking up a flavour mentioned by another Tweeter and having that “Aha! That’s EXACTLY what I’m tasting” moment.

Grant's whiskies ready and waiting

All I can say is I’m absolutely hooked on Twitter tastings after only experiencing one of them. A big thank you to The Whisky Wire (Steve Rush), Grant’s Whisky and Ludo Ducrocq for putting together a great evening’s dramming. I look forward to many more!


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